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Many people struggle to find safari camps that are unique and private. Bumbusi Wilderness Camp’s historical ruins site and secluded game viewing offers guests the chance to experience a Zimbabwean safari with a difference! The camp offers an exceptionally unique experience in a reclaimed corner of Hwange National Park where the various gorges, drainage lines and hills are perfect for safari loverswho like toexplore a region on foot. The shady oasis of camp acts like a magnet for game, especially the elephant as the season gets drier which makes for incredible wildlife viewing. Added to the walking and game drive experience, the Bumbusi National Monument adds a beautiful richness to any safari and is located a short drive from camp.

Bumbusi Wilderness Camp

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Activities at Bumbusi Wilderness Camp

We have a variety of game drive routes that we explore but a huge attraction for Bumbusi are the endless and varied walking safaris available. The gorges, rivers and hills all make for outstanding walking safaris and we occasionally cut tracks of elusive black rhino that we follow. As we head deeper into the dry season, the game, especially elephant, congregates around and in camp so very often you can enjoy amazing game viewing from your chalet or the pool! Finally, the Bumbusi National Monument is located a short drive or interesting walk away – the rock carvings and ‘Great Zimbabwe style’ ruins architecture is fascinating to look at and learn about and adds a lovely richness to the Bumbusi safari experience. 


Key Points

By far the easiest way to access Bumbusi is to let us help you book our scheduled 20 minute charter flights from or back to Victoria Falls. These flights are charged at seat rates and land in Robins Camp – a 60 to 90 minute game drive from Bumbusi! Alternatively, for guests already in Hwange, let us know which camp you are coming from and we will arrange a meeting point with your departing camp

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An evergreen Hwange experience

Bumbusi Wilderness Camp is nestled in an oasis of mature trees and shade which, bolstered by the waterhole and natural pool, makes for a wildlife magnet, especially in the dry season. The stone and thatch chalets all look out onto the lawns and water and compliment the incredible geology of this reclaimed wilderness. Expect hot soaking showers, a cool pool to dip into after a beautiful walking safari, cosy beds and great coffee and meals around the fire! A true safari experience.

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