Kafue National Park

The Kafue National Park is the largest park in Zambia, and the second largest in all of Africa. The park is located in the centre of the country and can be accessed by a road safari, yet a small number of tourist get to experience this enchanting park. Wildlife flock in abundance and can be spotted while driving on the main road of the park.

The Park is home to a diversity of wildlife and an unforgettable Zambia safari can be experienced in the park. The frequent roamers of the park include the African Big Five and rare species of antelope. It is renowned for being one of the best destinations to track leopard in Africa, and late afternoon to night game drives are perfect to spot them along with other predators.

The park accommodation in Zambia is offered at luxury game lodges and bush camps. Activities in the Park includes game drives, birdwatching, fishing and boat cruises.

In recent years the Park has seen a well-managed growth in the number of Safari Camps and Lodges that operate in and around the Park. This new interest has brought with it more visitors and investment to the area, notably in infrastructure with a number of well-graded roads and airstrips.

As a consequence of the increasing interest and benefits in terms of investment this brings, the wildlife is beginning to enjoy an increased level of protection by the Zambian Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), always aided and supported by the operators in and adjoining the park.

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