Lunga Kikuji Camp

Lunga Kikuji Camp serves as an excellent foil for other camps in the region: for example, its winding, secluded waterways contrast with the sweeping plains and abundant herds in the park’s north-west. While the wildlife here isn’t as concentrated as in other areas, the river setting has a particular magic. Enjoy boat cruises that take you close to hippo and elephant, on fishing expeditions, or aimless sunset drifting. There are excellent places to alight on foot, and superb guides to accompany you.


Lunga Kikuji Camp is most secluded and exciting new camp in the norther kafue safaris portfolio! Tucked away in the riverine vegetation on the banks of the Lunga River, this wilderness is waiting to be explored.

Ideal for the keen birder, water lover, fishermen and lovers of time and space, Kikuji compliments the more intense Kasonso and more accessible Kafue River Lodge very well.

Three reasons to visit Lunga Kikuji Camp

SUPERB BREAM FISHING: Kikuji is ideal for people wanting, to relax, take their time and enjoy the remote Lungu wilderness.

RIVER ACTIVITIES: River based boat cruises for wildlife and birding is a wonderfully peaceful way to spend a morning or afternoon.

WILDERNESS ENCOUNTERS: Ever improving wildlife encounters around Kikuji are on offer in this remote corner of Kafue National Park.


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