Luxury Safari Camp

11 Days 10 Nights


The Kafue Conservation package begins in Livingstone with a three hour road transfer to Dundumwezi Gate where you will be met by the Nanzhila Plains safari team. Enjoy a game drive into camp, and settle into the beautiful rooms with views over the dambo to enjoy a three night stay. Nanzhila is the closest true safari destination in Zambia to the Victoria Falls and enjoys nearly 3000sqkm to itself. An incredible variety of wildlife and birding species as well as a magnificent location, overlooking the dambo make Nanzhila one of the most memorable safari camps in Zambia.

Classic Kafue National Park Safari Classic Kafue National Park Safari Classic Kafue National Park Safari

Why you will love Nanzhila Plains


The Nanzhila chalets or safari tents all have beautiful views over the dambo and the gauzed windows allow all the wonderful sounds of the African night to reach you clearly!


Game drives and safari walks around Nanzhila are bound to reveal a wide variety of wildlife and bird species including 4 out the Big 5!


Your hosts at Nanzhila are the owners – Steve and Cindy Smith – which means you are assured of faultless attention to detail and wonderful  stories around the fire about life in the bush!

After a hearty breakfast, we will head out over the plains and through the Ngoma Forest towards Lake Itezhi-tezhi. Today you will visit the Game Rangers International Elephant Orphanage. The project rescues elephants orphaned as a result of human-wildlife conflict and poaching. The team rehabilitates them with the very important aim of releasing them back into the wild.

Nanzhila Lake Camp is a short game drive from the orphanage where you will arrive in time for an afternoon snack and an activity. Lake Camp is Nanzhila Safari’s latest addition; The Camp is tucked under the Miombo tree line on the shores of Lake Itezhi-Tezhi and the experience is one that is complementary to the Plains Camp offering. The Shoreline of the lake is bustling with life, as mammals and birdlife flock to feast on the islands of biodiversity created by fluctuating water levels. Mega herbivores and hundreds of puku and impala spend their days grazing the shores, a truly idyllic site as the lake stretches for miles as a backdrop.

Kafue Conservation Safari Kafue Conservation Safari Kafue Conservation Safari

Initmate tented camp

The three well-appointed chalets face the seasonal floodplain where the Musa River joins the Lake, an area which simply teems with wildlife for most of the day-perfect for an armchair safari.

Family owned and managed 

You will be hosted by the Smith Family, owners of Nanzhila Safaris – experts at running remote safari camps, full of wonderful stories and always guaranteed to deliver warm hospitality and delicious food!

Diverse game viewing

The combination of the lakeshore grassland, Miombo forests and inland  thornveld make for excellent and diverse game viewing and birding opportunitie

After an early morning activity and hearty breakfast, you will bid farewell to the Smith family and Nanzhila Safari’s. Today you will you be heading to your oasis on the Kafue River, Kaingu Safari Lodge. Kaingu is magnificently situated in the riparian woodland on the banks of the Kafue River with stunning views. African finfoot, hippo and a wide variety of birdlife are on constant display. River based boat cruises and canoeing is a must on this portion of the Kafue River. Kaingu also conducts game drives in a stunning section of the of the Kafue National Park.


The riverside accommodation at Kaingu is stunning with constant bird activity and the honking of hippos in the background. These well appointed safari tents are beautiful, comfortable and perfectly positioned.

Kafue Conservation Safari Kafue Conservation Safari Kafue Conservation Safari


The section of the Kafue River around Kaingu is stunning and the boat cruises and canoe trips are an absolute must on this trip to complement the game drive experience.


As Kaingu is river-based, it offers a number of bird and wildlife species that are not found in Nanzhila so the combination of the two camps really gives you the full Kafue Safari feel!


Kafue Conservation Safari is a trip with a purpose! The Kafue National Park is the largest National Park in Zambia known for its incredible variety of habitats and diverse mammal populations. Like any park of this magnitude, the Kafue is vulnerable to conservation threats like poaching, illegal fishing and habitat destruction. This safari is designed with conservation at its heart, allowing for the traveller to make a direct impact while experiencing 3 of the most complimentary camps and regions of Kafue National Park.

Beginning in Livingstone and ending in Lusaka (or vice versa), the Kafue Conservation Package offers the remote game drive/safari walk focus of Nanzhila Plains, the Itezhi-Tezhi Lake Shore of Nanzhila Lake Camp  with the stunning riverside location and river activities of Kaingu Safari Lodge. This gives you both land and water based activities and a myriad of different wildlife and birding species to discover – it really is the best of both worlds!

Kafue National Park is one of the remaining tracts of true wilderness in Africa and it offers some of the most rewarding wildlife viewing on the continent. Covering an area of more than 22,000 square kilometres, this park is the second largest protected area in Africa. Such is the size of this enormous park that it encompasses an incredible range of habitats and we will notice dramatic changes whilst exploring the Kafue in search of fascinating fauna.

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