Great Parks of Zambia


Great Parks of Zambia safari is a journey at the highest level of luxury that Zambia has to offer across 2 very different and complimentary National Parks.A 12 night safari combining 3 camps in South Luangwa, Luambe and Lower Zambezi National Parks.


Your “Great Parks of Zambia” itinerary will begin with a flight from Lusaka Airport to Jeki Airstrip in the  Lower Zambezi National Park to experience the adventure and splendor of this region for 4 nights.  Thereafter, you will fly to Mfuwe Airport and transfer into the heart of the South Luangwa area for 4 nights and then onto Luambe National Park for a further 4 nights.

4 nights in the Lower Zambezi

Visitors to any of the stunning camps in and outside the National Park can choose from game drives, bush walks, canoe safaris, boat cruises or tiger fishing as a means to experience this wilderness. The interaction of the wildlife and the river is extensive and as you progress deeper into the year, so the game congregates along or near the available water.

4 nights in South Luangwa

The South Luangwa is probably the most famous of all Zambia’s wildlife havens and is deservedly considered amongst the elite of African Wilderness Regions. Fantastic leopard populations, hippo, lion and elephant are complimented by a healthy range of other species too. There is a variety of accommodation options catering from budget to the very highest end of safari travel.


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